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The University of Perpignan encourages all certification and evaluation procedures with a view to quality and continuous improvement. Numerous services, training courses, components and laboratories have high-level labels and certifications.


Component concerned: Faculty LSH, Master UHA

The master's degree in Urban Planning, Housing, Development (UHA), from the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences and the Art-Dev laboratory obtained in May 2017 the label of the Association for the Promotion of Teaching and Research in Urban Planning and Development (APERAU).

This association "brings together higher education institutions in the French-speaking world that are committed to applying the principles of a quality charter in the training and diplomas in urban planning and development that they deliver", including: the quality and coherence of the teaching provided, interdisciplinarity and professionalization. An in-depth audit of the content and operation of the UHA Master's degree was carried out by an evaluation committee composed of two lecturer-researchers in urban planning and development and a representative of the Office Professionnel de Qualification des Urbanistes (OPQU) (Professional Office for the Qualification of Urban Planners). During the visits, they met the management of the establishment and the faculty, the teaching team (teacher-researchers and professional speakers), and the students (current and former). They also consulted the work produced by the students (dissertations, workshop work, etc.). Following the detailed report and the very positive opinion given by this committee, the general assembly of APERAU validated in May 2017 the labeling of the master UHA for eight years. Obtaining the APERAU label is a guarantee of the quality and visibility of the Master UHA in the field of planning and urbanism, and contributes to fully integrate it into a recognized educational and scientific network. It is also a recognition of the work of its entire teaching team.


Component concerned: Institute of Business Administration

The Institute of Business Administration of the University of Perpignan is Qualicert certified. It undergoes an audit every year, and reapplies for certification every 3 years. In accordance with the requirements of the reference frame "university activity of training and research in the field of management sciences and management" (the reference frame of certification of services RE/IAE/05 can be obtained or consulted at SGS ICS), IAE Bordeaux guarantees to its various publics the respect of commitments in terms of teaching, research and services granted to students.

Key features
  • Initial and continuing training with high added value
  • Competent pedagogical and administrative teams
  • A proven academic research activity
  • Pedagogical methods specific to management sciences and management
  • Networks and partners with the economic and social world
  • An international opening
  • Training implemented in a stimulating intellectual and cultural context
  • Reliable information for students and companies
  • Continuous quality improvement


to drive an unprecedented level of energy efficiency in buildings, as well as training.

Component concerned: SUP'EnR engineering school

The SUP'EnR engineering school is an EFFINERGIE-labelled training course.
The MOOC 2 "RE" of the "DIGI BTP" project is a distance learning course with the EFFINERGIE label.

Certif’Region Label

for lifelong learning

Component concerned: Lifelong and Alternative Learning Service

The Certif'Région label is a label developed in 2009 by the partners and funders of vocational training in the Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée region.
The label is delivered - after audit - to training institutions and providers in a position to demonstrate that they have implemented and respect the quality criteria defined by the funders and grouped together in the "Training Organisation" reference system.

The Lifelong and Alternating Learning Service of the University of Perpignan has obtained the Certif'Region label, which attests to the quality of its practices with regard to the Quality Charter for Professional Training :
  • Quality management strategy
  • Human Resources
  • The material organization
  • The socio-economic environment
  • The implementation of training actions

French as a Foreign Language

Composantes concernées:
Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty and the University Centre for French Studies

University Centre for French Studies (Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty) of the UPVD has become a major player in the teaching of French as a Foreign Language in France. The CUEF also contributes its pedagogical expertise to numerous international projects by organising tailor-made training courses for students and teachers. Our centre is accredited by the French as a Foreign Language Quality Label.

Generation 2024 Science and Technology for Physical and Sports Activities of Font-Romeu

Component concerned: Science and Technology for Physical and Sports Activities Faculty
This label brings together higher education institutions whose policies encourage the physical and sporting practice of students and promote bridges between the academic world and the sports movement.

Created with a view to the organisation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024, this label, awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Ministry of Sport, aims to encourage the development of regular sports practice by students, particularly scholarship holders and those with disabilities, as well as the involvement of students in the "Paris 2024" movement.

It has four objectives:

  • To develop links between the higher education establishment and its sports associative environment
  • Participate in Olympic and Paralympic research and promotional events
  • Accompanying or welcoming high level sportsmen and women
  • Open up the sports facilities located in higher education establishments to local clubs and companies.
Through this label, the UPVD's involvement in the support of students with special educational needs is recognized. By developing a specific support unit for its high-level sports students, the University of Perpignan is demonstrating excellence and determination. It promotes solidarity, team spirit, equity and the diversity of the public, strong values common to Olympism and Paralympism.

The creation of emblematic actions around sport, cohesion and solidarity such as the Laser Run Color or Run My UPVD (a solidarity race for students with disabilities), as well as the development of training courses around sports professions (opening of the diploma in fitness professions, creation of a full-fledged Science and Technology for Physical and Sports Activities Faculty) reinforce the legitimacy of the University of Perpignan to hold the label Generation 2024.
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Date of update May 25, 2020