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Check the availability of your diploma 2018-2019

Diploma Withdrawal Period: November 15 to June 30

Your field of training:
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When the diploma is available, it is archived, go to the next step > diploma withdrawal procedure


The Diploma Service is responsible for guaranteeing and issuing:

  • Bachelor's and Master's degrees
  • University degrees
  • Duplicates of diplomas in the event of destruction, theft or loss
  • C2i certificates
  • The CLES
Diploma withdrawal procedure

CUEF diplomas

The diplomas of the CUEF are awarded by the CUEF located on the 1st floor of building Z:

IUT diplomas

The IUT diplomas are awarded by the IUT schooling of chemin Passio Vella:

Doctorate diplomas

Doctoral diplomas are awarded by the Research and Technology Transfer Service located on the first floor of Building A:


Transcripts are issued by the pedagogical schools of the specific discipline.


The diploma is a unique original document. It is the responsibility of the holder to keep it for an indefinite period of time.

However, any person may request a duplicate of his or her diploma if the original document has been destroyed or stolen. It is compulsory for the person concerned to present official supporting documents to verify the validity of his or her request (proof of claim, receipt of complaint or theft). The issue of a duplicate takes several months.


Transcripts and certificates of achievement are issued by the pedagogical secretariat of the training.
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Date of update June 10, 2020