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Year round reorientation

Internal or external reorientation procedure
L1 only
Year round

This Reorientation is done via ParcourSup

Students who wish to reorient their studies after their first year in higher education must also register on ParcourSup. As you are not in high school, you cannot provide a future record. Instead, you must retrieve the reorientation certificate that is in the ParcourSup application file.
This certificate shows the baccalaureate obtained, the school attended during the year 2018-2019 as well as the training followed. You must have this certificate completed by an Educational Psychologist at an IOC of your choice or directly at the UPVD Information and Orientation Office. Scan the attestation and attach it to your wish list.
Please note that there will be no Future card for the Bac+1 in reorientation.
Students who repeat a year do not go through ParcourSup.
Please note that candidates who repeat a year do not make any requests on the Parcoursup platform as you have the right to repeat a year. On the other hand, if you wish to transfer to another training course, you must complete your file on the Parcoursup platform, including when it concerns an internal reorientation in the establishment.

Consult the « year round reorientation » diagram

Your contacts

Mid-year reorientation and form

Changing your academic program
If you wish to change your training at the end of the first or second semester, reorientation schemes are available. They are available to all students enrolled in the 1st year of the Licence and DUT at Perpignan Via Domitia but also to students from other universities and higher education establishments (CPGE, PACES, STS, schools...).


Mid-year mobility in Perpignan Via Domitia
The semester reorientation is reserved for students enrolled in the 1st semester in a French establishment (in Licence 1, DUT, CPGE, PACES or other schools) who wish to do a second semester in Licence 1 at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia.

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Date of update June 10, 2020