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Refund of of dematerialized registration fees

Which students are involved?

  • Scholarship students who could not prove their scholarship status at the time of enrolmen
  • Students whose application for exemption has been accepted
  • Students who have cancelled their registration before 31 October, after deduction of the amount equivalent to the "transfer" fee (23 € for 2020-2021)

Reimbursement procedure

 You must complete the claim form and send it by e-mail with all the requested supporting documents to the following address:

A bank statement in your name is required for all refunds.

  • Other necessary supporting documents depend on your situation and are listed on the claim form.
  • Pay attention to cancellation deadlines.

Refund terms are only applicable to students enrolled in national degrees.
The refund of registration fees is excluded in the following cases:

  • Free listeners
  • Legal Capabilities
  • Students enrolled in university degrees
  • The second inscriptions
  • Students in ongoing education

Optional fees (Alumni) are non-refundable.


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Date of update June 10, 2020