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If you wish to register at the University Institute of Technology or in Continuing Education, the procedures are different:

Step1:  Before registering: pay the CVEC (Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus)

Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC)

Application of the law relating to student orientation and success from 8 March 2018, students at the start of their training program are obliged to pay the CVEC to the CROUS.
This contribution is introduced to encourage social, health, cultural and athletic support for students (access to athletic activities, cultural passes and preventive medicine).
Before the administrative registration, you must have subscribed, with the CROUS, to the student and campus life contribution (CVEC), amounting to 91€ via the website (or directly at the CLOUS de Perpignan-54 avenue Paul Alduy 66101 Perpignan- or at the Banque Postale (if payment in cash)*.
Opening of the site: May 2020
You will receive, by e-mail, a certificate (which must be printed) on which you will find your compulsory certificate number for your administrative registration.
*To pay in cash, please do so at the Banque Postale (5€ fee), 48 hours prior to your registration. You will then have to download the CVEC certificate and print it.
No administrative registration will be possible without the presentation of this CVEC certificate.

Step 2: Administrative registration

Where and how to register?

Registration procedures:

In the current context related to Covid-19, the administrative registrations of July 2020 will be done exclusively via the web platform of registration.

  • Never enrolled at the university: from July 8 to 24 
  • Re-registrations: from 1 July
  • Online registration:
Supporting documents must be deposited on inscriptions:

Registration procedure for MENDE

  • You have to pay the CVEC (Student and Campus Life Contribution) at the following site  and print the certificate. Students fellows are exempt from the cvec but must also print the certificate.
  • Download, complete and sign the registration form.
  • It is obligatory to join all the requested documents as well as a cheque of 172€ payable to the UPVD's Accounting Agent for the payment of the registration fees.
  • Students fellows are exempt from registration fees.
  • Submit your complete file directly to the secretariat of the University Antenna of MENDE - from 8 July to 7 September 2020 :
  • - or by post University of Perpignan - IAE ANTENNE DE MENDE - Avenue du Maréchal Foch - 48000 MENDE - FRANCE
For further information, please contact:

Registration procedure STAPS

International Student Registration

International students must register by downloading the registration form on the website: (or pick it up at Building A "Scolarité centrale"). ). They must make an appointment online to submit the registration form, the supporting documents and pay the registration fee. The school certificate and student card will be given to them.

If you are a newly admitted international student from outside the EEC, you must respect the arrival deadline mentioned on your admission certificate.

No administrative registration will be possible after the arrival deadline.
Once your administrative registration has been finalised, don't forget to register on the
 é website in order to benefit from the avalable health cove (see diagram).

If you don't take the necessary steps, you will not be covered.

Renewal of residence permit

Entry and residence formalities

Obtaining a residence permit concerns all international students, with the exception of European Union nationals, who wish to stay in France. When a student decides study in France, he or she will need to obtain a long-stay (D) visa from the French Embassy.

Under no circumstances may the type C tourist visa be converted into a residence permit in the territory. The D visa (with a duration of 3 months for Algerian nationals, and ranging from 4 to 12 months for others) is necessary and compulsory. It allows you to remain in France for the duration of your studies, provided that you have completed the relevant procedures.

The Prefecture of the Pyrénées-Orientales and the University of Perpignan Via Domitia have signed an agreement which allows the student to have a special welcome at the University of Perpignan.

First time Application or Renewal

The first application for a residence permit: who? when? how?

You have just arrived in France and a D visa for studies in France is placed inside of your passport. The visa is called Visa Long Séjour (VLS). You don't have a residence permit yet, only a D visa for studying in France.

  • Your D visa is marked Temporary Long Stay Visa: you do not have to do anything upon arrival. This visa is issued by Embassies as part of an exchange program. You are in accordance with the law until the visa expires. This visa does not entitle you to work and cannot be renewed when it expires.
  • Your D visa has a duration of 3 months and is marked "carte à solliciter" (card to be applied for): You will have to apply for a residence permit from the Prefecture within 2 months of your arrival in France.
  • You were a minor when you applied for a visa at the Embassy: your visa is marked "minor-educated". You will have to start the procedure to obtain a residence permit 2 months before your majority at the prefecture.

International students: Appointment booking, documents to be provided and form

To make an appointment, you must connect to your ENT Student page and visit the My Residence Permit Appointments section.

You will find: 
the  list of supporting documents for the issue of a residence permit according to your case:

- Multi-annual residence permit"Passport-Talent » - « Passport-talent-researcher"
- "Student or Student Mobility Programme"
- "Loooking for a job or starting a business" :
Provisional residence permit for job-seeking (bilateral agreements)

the application file to be downloaded and completed.

Attention! If the application is filed after the expiry of the current title, you may be fined 180€.

You will then refer to the procedure for submitting the application by appointment.

Registration fees 2020/2021

Licence 1, 2 or 3: 172€
Master 1 and 2: 246€
PhD: 385€

Decision concerning the partial exemption from tuition fees for non-EU students: the institution will not apply the increase in differentiated fees for the academic year 2020-21.

Step 3: Pedagogical registration

Pedagogical registration

You have completed your administrative registration, you must now complete your pedagogical registration.

Pedagogical registration is compulsory:
It allows you to register for courses (options, TD groups, Tutorials), CM (Lectures). It is compulsory and essential to take your exams.

If you are enrolling in the Faculty of Law and Economics, go to the schooling page. (Click here).

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Date of update June 8, 2020