Teacher employment opportunity

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What is a Teacher Employment Opportunity?

The "Teacher Employment Opportunity" (EAP) is a scheme to assist professional integration into the teaching profession..

It aims to attract more students to the teaching profession by offering them a gradual entry into the teaching profession with a professional project and a career path, as well as financial assistance to enable them to cope with the extension of the length of the course of study due to the reform of teacher training.

View: http://www.education.gouv.fr/cid61330/les-emplois-d-avenir-professeur.html

Applying for a teacher employment opportunity

Reminder of conditions

The following three conditions are necessary: 1) you are the recipient of a higher education scholarship, 2) you are a student in Licence 2, (candidates enrolled in L3 or M1 can be accepted) and 3) you are under 25 years old (or, 30 years old for students recognized in a handicap situation).

Renew your Teacher Employment Opportunity

Attention, the renewal of a Teacher Employment Opportunity contract is not automatic

To renew your Teacher Employment Opportunity, please complete the following two documents:
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Date of update June 11, 2020