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Allocation of aid under the Social SDFIE Social Fund

Any UPVD student, French or foreign, with or without a scholarship, encountering occasional difficulties, can benefit from assistance from the social section of the FSDIE (Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initiatives Etudiantes).

The FSDIE is an essential tool for the development and support of student life at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia.
  • support for student and associative projects,
  • social assistance
The FSDIE "Social Assistance" commission
The "social assistance" component of the FSDIE is intended to provide personalized and punctual financial support to UPVD students in difficulty. It is not intended to take precedence over the Specific Aid for One-time Allocation - ASAP - or the system of scholarships based on social criteria. It provides assistance according to particular, new, unpredictable situations arising during the academic year. It cannot replace the student's own resources (grants, other income).The FSDIE "social assistance" operates in a single commission FSDIE (university) / ASAP (CROUS). Decisions are made for both schemes during the same meeting. The commission meets about 6 times during the academic year according to the students' requests. The student must contact a CLOUS social worker in order to carry out the necessary steps and provide all the supporting documents necessary for the examination of the file (tax notice, estimate, invoices...).

The application form for social assistance is to be collected and submitted to the social workers/ This application includes:
  • standard proof of the student's personal and social situation,
  • a detailed educational opinion or a training teacher's opinion, with a focus on attendance,
  • a certificate of attendance and attendance at exams for the current and/or previous year (including transcripts),
  • a letter of motivation from the student relating to his or her plans for further study and/or for a professional project.
To submit your application, an appointment must be made with the social workers at CLOUS:

The social commission:
  • Applications for aid shall be examined by the Commission,
  • Requests are made anonymously,
  • A preliminary interview must take place between the student and a social worker from the regional centre for university and school services (CROUS). It allows the overall situation of the student to be assessed, particularly with regards to his or her academic background and the difficulties he or she is encountering,
  • After examining the file, the Commission issues an opinion on whether or not to grant aid and proposes an amount,
  • The decision is not subject to appeal.


ASAP (Aide Spécifique Allocation Ponctuelle: this specific allocation replaces the old schemes. The aid provides personalised financial assistance to students in difficulty. It can be punctual or for the duration of the academic year.
  • Applications for aid are examined by a committee,
  • Requests are submitted anonymously.

If necessary, a preliminary interview can take place between the student and a CROUS social worker. The CROUS director decides on the final amount of aid.

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Date of update June 11, 2020