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You have the choice between two doctoral schools at the UPVD

The Doctoral School 305

The Doctoral School "Energy and Environment" offers research training in five major scientific fields directly from the research masters of the University of Perpignan:

  • solar energy (master's degree in solar energy and engineer school Sup'EnR)
  • computer science, electronics and automation (master's degree in computer science/automatics)
  • physics, systems and mathematics (master's degree in applied mathematics)
  • interactions and evolution of living organisms (master development, interaction and evolution of living organisms)
  • the marine environment (master's degree in Mediterranean environment)
  • Solar energy, information technology, electronics and automation, physics, systems and mathematics are strongly involved in the DERBI (Développement des Énergies Renouvelables pour le Bâtiment et l'Industrie) competitiveness cluster.
Registration for the Doctoral School 305
The Doctoral School 544


Private Law, Public Law, History of Law and Institutions, Comparative and Muslim Law, Management Sciences, Economics, Political Sciences, Planning, Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology, English Studies, Film and Audiovisual Studies, Iberian and Latin American Studies, Latin and Greek Studies, Geography, Geosciences, Geomorphology and Quaternary, History and History of Art, General and Comparative Literature, Prehistory, Quaternary Palaeo-environments, Language Sciences, Tourism Sciences, Sociology, Catalan and Cross-Border Studies.

Registration for the Doctoral School 544 
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Date of update June 9, 2020