Energy & Environment Doctoral School

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Doctoral School Energy Environment 305

The "Energy and Environment" Doctoral School offers research training programmes in five key scientific areas that have direct links with the University of Perpignan's research master's degrees:
  • solar power (master's degree in the solar power)
  • IT, electronics and automatic systems (master's degree in IT / automatic systems)
  • physics, systems and mathematics (master's degree in applied mathematics)
  • interactions and evolutions of living organisms (master's degree in the development, interaction and evolution of living organisms)
  • marine environments (master's degree in the Mediterranean environment)
Solar power, IT, electronics and automatic systems, physics, systems and mathematics all have prominent roles to play at the DERBI competitivity cluster (Développement des Energies Renouvelables dans le Bâtiment et l’Industrie - development of renewable energies in construction and industry)


The ED 305 Energy & Environment laboratories

Areas of specialist doctoral research

Biology, Sports Science Biology, Chemistry, IT, Applied Mathematics, Oceanology, Physics, Engineering Sciences

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Date of update June 12, 2020