Theory, complex systems, modelling

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This area involves experimental and theoretical work the aim of which is to acquire new knowledge about the foundations of observable phenomena and facts, without necessarily envisaging a particular application or usage.

Based on the model system concept, research undertaken in this area is used to analyse actual phenomena and to predict results by applying one or several theories at a given level of approximation.

The research is also used to build different information systems. Research is undertaken in applied mathematics, information technology, physics and theoretical chemistry. The interface between this area of research and other areas of research being undertaken at the UPVD is rather difficult to define: very often, research carried out within the framework of an application has theoretical implications. Conversely, theoretical research can lead to industrial applications.


  • DALI-LIRMM: Digits, Architectures and Computer Software, équipe projet de l'UMR 5506 CNRS-UM
  • LAMPS: Mathematics and Physics Laboratory, EA 4217 UPVD
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Date of update November 21, 2019