Renewable Energies, Associated Processes and Materials

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This research strand includes work being carried out by laboratories that specialise in solar power, as well as in a range of other disciplines that provide related expertise. This is an area which is naturally seeing many developments, since it is generally focused on all energy sources. But it is currently focused on initiatives involving solar power in particular (high and low temperature thermal solar power, photovoltaic cells, etc.), since there are a number of world-renowned solar installations close by (the Odeillo solar furnace and the Thémis experimental solar power tower).

The research being conducted looks at so much more than just energy production: it tackles integration, energy system dynamics and management, energy storage and developing materials with controlled properties for energy conversion, as well as the behaviour of these materials when subjected to considerable stresses and solar chemistry.


  • PROMES: Processes, Materials and Solar Energy Laboratory), UPR CNRS 8521
  • LAMPS: Mathematics and Physics Laboratory, EA UPVD 4217
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Date of update November 21, 2019