Scientific Bureau

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The Scientific Bureau meets prior to the Research Committee Academic Board in order to scrutinise the various applications submitted to it.

  • Composition of the Scientific Bureau
Mr Xavier PY, President of UPVD
Mr Serge LACOUR, Genral Director of the Services
Mr David GIBAND, Vice-President of Research
Mrs Annick TRUFFERT, Director of  the SEE UFR
Mr Yves PICOD, Director of the SJE UFR
Mrs Ghislaine JAY-ROBERT, Director of the LSH UFR
Mr Alain BAYLAC-FERRER, Director of the IFCT

  • Heads of research units and doctoral schools
Mrs Sophie GREGOIRE, HNHP local correspondant 
Mr Jean-Marc DERAGON, Director of LGDP
Mr Eric FRUCHART, Director of LEPSA
Mr Martin GALINIER, Director of CRESEM
Mrs Sophie MASSON, for ART-DEV
Mr Manuel BOUCHER, Team manager of CORHIS Perpignan 
Mrs Samira EL YACOUBI, Team manager of the IMAGES team project of ESPACE-DEV
Mr Wolfgang LUDWIG, Director of CEFREM
Mr Philippe LANGLOIS, Team manager of the DALI team project of LIRMM
Mr Guillaume MITTA, Director of IHPE
Mr Thierry NOGUER, Team manager of the BAE team project of LBBM
Mrs Annaïg LE GUEN, Director of CRIOBE
Mr Marcel SOUSSE, Director of CDED
Mr Mircea SOFONEA, Director of LAMPS
Mr Alain DOLLET, Director of PROMES
Mrs Fabienne VILLESEQUE-DUBUS,  Team manager of Perpignan MRM
Mr Nicolas INGUIMBERT, Director of the Doctoral training Energie et Environnement
(ED 305)
Mr Yves PICOD, Director of the Doctoral training INTER-MED (ED 544)
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Date of update November 21, 2019