CRESEM - Colloque international : Crossed collective representations: Africa, Americas and the Caribbean. 19th-21th centuries

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du 27 novembre 2019 au 29 novembre 2019

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In 1992, the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the so-called “meeting of two worlds” gave place to several important meetings aiming at shedding light on the many relations between Africas and Americas. Addressing specifically these links, Professor Kifle Selassie Beseat pointed out that one of the great goal of the commemoration of the meeting between these two continents—one unknown to the other before 1492— is “the desire to learn and understand each other freely and reciprocally. One on the plurality of the roots of the Self and the rewarding and oftentimes polarizing multiplicity of the sources of the Other” (Africa-America Symposium: Afrique-Amérique: Rencontre ancestrale, Caracas-Venezuela, 1-5 février 1993).

On the ground of the aforementioned, this Colloquium proposes to reflect on the productive tensions that characterize the unifying and dividing relations of Africas, Americas and the Caribbean. That reflection doesn’t have to be necessarily undertaken from a chronological perspective, but more transdisciplinary approaches.

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