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Platinium: the uses of digital technology to serve teaching and research missions

Created at the end of 2013, Platinium (Innovation Platform for a Digital University) is intended to develop the use of digital technology at university to promote student success and raise the level of knowledge and qualifications in initial and continuing education. Platinium thus supports the digital transformation of the University of Perpignan in a gentle, inclusive way, as close as possible to its stakeholders in order to meet the expectations of a new generation of students: Generation Z.

Platinium has developed various services and devices for the benefit of its users:
  • For students: innovate in initial and continuing education with training, self-training and certification in languages (TOEFL, TOEIC, CLES ...). These skills added to the diplomas delivered by the UPVD are a real added value for the professional integration of students.
  • Aimed at teacher-researchers: Platinium with the Centre d'Appui à la Pédagogie and the Contrats de Pédagogie Innovante set up at the UPVD, to develop the use of digital technology in teaching practices. This translates into support for the production of resources, the creation of computer applications for educational purposes, training in new technologies and a support unit.
To support these new practices, Platinium has initiated the adaptation and re-equipment of UPVD's premises at all its sites. Thus, the equipment of the rooms has been guided both by proposing an improvement of the means of projection, and by creating new modular spaces, allowing more personalized pedagogy (creation of co-working spaces, video-conference equipment, ...).

In support of research activities, Platinium has a high-resolution digitiser for research teams to digitise rare documentary collections and make them available to the entire university community.

Finally, for administrative staff, Platinium supports the digital of the training plan. The department also organises training courses for all new staff in the use of the UPVD's digital tools in premises created and dedicated specifically for this purpose.

Sharing skills to serve a population

But the University of Perpignan and Platinium do not limit themselves to their users alone and go beyond by making the general public benefit from their digital skills.

By MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)... These are free online courses, open to everyone and accessible from anywhere. Platinium has participated, through the production of specific and singular educational videos, in the elaboration of several MOOCs.

This expertise invested locally today allows the University of Perpignan to be recognized by its partners and its supervisory ministry in the field of digital use in higher education and research.
In the context of pedagogical innovation, Platinium has set up the platform for pedagogy, MOODLE, which allows the scripting of lessons and the thinking of its pedagogy as blended learning, a combination of face-to-face courses and distance learning supplements.

These initiatives contribute to a better adaptation of teachers and students to changing work environments.

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Date of update June 16, 2020