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Since 2016, the University of Perpignan has been engaged in a global policy aimed at creating a dynamic of continuous improvement and diffusion of the Quality culture within the university community through initiatives, innovations and experiments. On the strength of its values, the University of Perpignan intends to fully fulfil its public service missions of higher education and research. To this end, it relies on the aspects it considers fundamental to sustainable development and social responsibility.

Did you know?

1. The UPVD Moulin a Vent Campus has a agricultural estate that is fully organic
(Presentation of the domain of the IUT with some photographs) Environment

2. The university is experimenting with free cooling (sustainable development, energy management).
Presentation in a few words of the free DSI Promes cooling system
The use of air conditioning for cooling the rooms which host computer servers is greatly reduced (- 40% min.) thanks to a simple over-ventilation system.

3. The UPVD has developed a guide for part-time lecturers (simplification).
With the aim of continuous improvement and dissemination of the establishment's quality culture, a guide to improve support for lecturers at our university has been written by our Human Resources department through broad consultation with training managers and the various departments concerned. All of the practical elements intended to help training managers in their support of lecturers and the lecturers themselves are proposed: access to the BU, ENT, parking cards, payment dates, etc.

4. UPVD uses solar installations
The production of domestic hot water is provided by solar energy at the sports house, the bat. (CEFREM) the technical department and the PROMES laboratory.??? An innovation makes it possible to carry out the installations at a lower cost. The implementation is ensured by the "DU renewable energy installations" once a year.

5. The UPVD, within the framework of its commitment to the accessibility of research results and the dissemination of open access, is a partner with the Presses Universitaires de Perpignan and the Central Documentation Service (BU) of the operator.

6. The UPVD offers kits provided by the internal services consisting of a cardboard tray for "Recycl'UPVD" paper (usable in drafts), a bin for recovering writing material and a bin for non-recyclable material.

7. The UPVD is experimenting with a new process for heating/cooling the premises on a secure platform on the roof of the student's house.
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Date of update July 7, 2020