How to validate your experiences

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For futher informations about Validation of Professional Acquired Skills and Validation of Higher Education Studies, click here (in French)

Validation of Professional Acquired Skills (VAP)

The VAP aims to obtain a validation of professional experience in order to access higher education (post-baccalaureate), even if one does not hold the diploma normally required to access this training.

Example: Karine stopped her studies after her 3rd year at Lycee (high school). She therefore does not have the baccalaureate. After several years of experience as an assistant in an SME, she wants to go back to school in order to obtain a DUT in Communication Techniques. By undertaking a VAP, she will be able to register at the University to follow the courses until she obtains the diploma she is aiming for. Once this diploma is obtained, she will even be able to continue her studies beyond: Bachelor's degree, then Master's degree.

The VAP is part of a desire for professional development, while the VAE is used to validate a professional and personal career path. The VAP is particularly indicated in the event of a desire to reorientate, since it aims to return to school.

To undertake a VAP, you must have interrupted your initial studies for at least 2 years. Knowledge and skills acquired through paid or volunteer activity or training may be validated. The decision is pronounced by a pedagogical commission composed of teachers. It is valid for 1 year.

VAP's approach is relatively light. The admission file consists of a cover letter accompanied by a CV, the necessary supporting documents and the VAP application document itself. If the VAP is granted, the person can register at the university, like any other trainee in continuing education.

For any information concerning this system, please contact the Service de formation continue et Alternance at the following address: or join the VAP application form , your application on eCandidat or the PDF as the case may be.

Validation of Higher Education Studies (VES)

The Validation of Higher Education Studies - VES - is a system that allows you to obtain, in whole or in part, a diploma from the University of Perpignan, by recognition of studies followed in France or abroad.

All higher education studies followed by the candidate, in a public or private institution or training organisation, in France or abroad, may issue a Validation of Higher Education Studies - VES.

For any given degree, only one application may be submitted in the same calendar year.

In the case of applications for different degrees, a maximum of three applications for validation may be submitted in the same calendar year.

The request for VES must be addressed to the Academic Central Service of the University of Perpignan.

This application must be accompanied by a dossier explaining the knowledge and skills acquired during your previous studies with reference to the diploma in question.sé.

It must include diplomas, evidence of professional activities and any other documents which will enable the nature and level of your studies to be assessed.

  1. The Academic Central Service will compile and share the file with the person in charge of the diploma.
  2. Examination of the file by the jury, and interview with the candidate if necessary.
  3. The selection board will decide what knowledge and skills it considers you have acquired in relation to the requirements for the diploma.
  4. Detailed report addressed to the President of the University of Perpignan, with details provided on the extent of the validation granted (partial or total).
  5. In case of partial validation, the report shall also specify the nature of the knowledge and skills that the candidate will have to acquire in order to be aquire full validation.
  6. Reception, by mail, of the final decision.
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Date of update June 11, 2020