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Are you looking for accommodation? 3 possibilities!

1. Housing CROUS

The application for housing requires the establishment of a Student Social File (DSE) between January 15 and April 30, prior the start of the academic year. The Student Social Record allows a student to:
  • participate in the national housing allocation movement at the end of June
  • be considered on the admissions waiting list from July until the start of the academic year
  • apply for university accommodation throughout the year (internship, EAI)
The University and School Works Network offers housing options that give priority to scholarship students.

According to the CROUS, two types of furnished accommodation are available for rent.

  • The Traditional Cities (dormitories)
The student is assigned a furnished room. Depending on the residence, he or she will also be provided with bathroom facilities and collective kitchenettes.……
The renovated rooms are now equipped with shower-WC-washbasin cabins and internet connection.
For a detailed description: Go to the CROUS de Montpellier website: www.crous-montpellier.fr/logement

  • The residences
They offer larger furnished accommodations, T1 or higher. These studios have a kitchenette, a bathroom, internet connection....
Depending on the residence, accessible rooms or studios that are adapted for students with disabilities, are available. For further information, please contact us: www.crous-montpellier.fr/logement

2. Housing for individuals

The CROUS also offers you the following accommodation for individuals.

LOKAVIZ is "the central office for student accommodation" and offers you accommodation in the city, in private homes, but also in university housing estates and residences. Advertisements can be viewed online and in order to access them, you must prove your student status and register on the site.

Visit LOKAVIZ: www.lokaviz.fr

Visale - Student rental assistance program
The Visale student assistance program helps to reduce the difficulties for students when looking for accommodation rental. This assistance is available to all students provided that their file is validated before the lease contract is put in place. Visale makes it easier for young student tenants to rent as it compensates the landlord for unpaid rent up to a limit of 36 monthly payments. Caution: This guarantee does not take on the role of housing insurance. Important to note: the steps for moving (such as ensuring that you will have water, electricity, gas ...) should not be taken lightly, and these steps should be managed well ahead of time to ensure that these services are available upon your arrival.

3. Indirect housing assistance (conditional)

1- CAF: Housing aid granted by the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF) based on social criteria (resources, family situation, type of housing...) - www.caf.fr

2- Joint and several guarantees, security deposit.
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Date of update June 11, 2020