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The micro-crèche (pre-school) of the University of Perpignan "Les Ecureuils" welcomes the children of staff and students, from 2.5 months to 4 years old. It is located on the university campus near the IAE and UPVD IN CUBE and has a 10-cradle capacity.

The micro-crèche, financed by the UPVD's own funds and by the CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales) of the Pyrénées-Orientales, is managed by the Mutualité Française Grand Sud under public service delegation. Early childhood professionals have been recruited to ensure the day-to-day running of the structure.

The pedagogical project is designed to provide a welcoming and secure reception (emotional and physical), which also allows for the integration of children with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Numerous educational activities are offered as well as prevention, health promotion and parenting support actions.

For any request for admission to the crèche, please contact the UPVD Social Action Service (

Practical informations

  • Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm
  • Regular, occasional or emergency reception
  • Closed periods: two weeks at Christmas, 3 weeks in summer and 1 pedagogical day
  • Flexible management of care contracts with parents. Two types of contracts: 7-month and 5-month contracts
  • One month's notice in writing is required in order for absences to be deducted.
  • Meals provided, including 1 organic meal per week
  • An eco-responsible approach at the crèche: food, maintenance, activities, waste, etc

Throughout the year, outside contributors accompany the crèche professionals in their work with children and parents on various themes such as: musical awakening, reading, nutrition for young children, prevention and health promotion.

The educational project

The crèche's educational or pedagogical project enables each parent to know and understand how it works, with a view to providing the best possible support for the children and their families.

This project, which the crèche wholeheartedly supports, is enriched by the shared observations of the parents and the team's professionals. Thus, in close collaboration with the families, the crèche ensure:

  • that each child is offered the most individualized care possible, taking into account the inherent constraints of the community
  • that each child learns about group life and is thus lead towards socialization and schooling.. 
  • the development and stimulation of children's creativity and senses through early learning activities and workshops. 
  • that the child is accompanied towards his autonomy by taking into account his sensorimotor and emotional development and his personality. 
  • respect the physiological rhythms of children such as sleep, eating, motor skills, toilet training, etc. . 
  • that each child is welcomed with his or her difference  
  • that children's physical and verbal expression through games, reading, singing, etc... is encouraged


Eco-responsible approach

Anxious to act with respect for the environment, the crèche Les Écureuils is an ideal place to take an interest in sustainable development:

  • A place with an impact on the environment
  • A place where health is at the heart of our concerns
  • A place to live: for children and professionals
  • A place of education and learning: for children and families
  • Finally, early childhood: an ideal stage for changing practices

There are several areas to be considered in the actions to be carried out by the crèche on sustainable development:

  • Food: organic products on the children's menu  
  • Maintenance: reduction of products with chemical ingredients and use of natural products 
  • Waste: reduce, reuse, repair
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Date of update May 7, 2020