Organisational Structure

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Research management

Vice-president in charge of research and technology transfer: Pr David GIBAND

Research committee academic board

Scientific Bureau

Vice-President in charge of the scientific heritage: Pr Matthieu MARTEL

Doctoral training

  • Energy and Environment Doctoral School (E2 ED 305)
Director: Pr Nicolas INGUIMBERT
Comprises 11 research laboratories and is specific to the UPVD

  • Development and Spatial, Cross-border and Intercultural Dynamics Doctoral School (Inter-Med ED 544)
Director: Pr Yves PICOD
Comprises 6 research laboratories and is specific to the UPVD

  • 1 COMUE doctoral college: Languedoc Roussillon Universities
This groups together the 12 Doctoral Schools of the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
  • Research and technology transfer service
Administrative director: Audrey PAGÈS
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Date of update June 10, 2020