Areas of research and laboratories

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Research at the UPVD is naturally focussed on the surrounding region. "Naturally", because the region itself constitutes a multidisciplinary area of research that spans a number of different disciplines. Our laboratories provide immediate access to an environment that is ideal for multidisciplinary research, but still suitable for changes in scale.
In addition this remarkable region itself, a number of iconic sites dotted around it provide solid research material for our laboratories.

The key areas of research in exact and experimental sciences include animal and plant biology. And these are often applied to the challenges with which the environment is faced or to people's food safety. Geology and geography are applied to the impact that humankind is having on its environment and to development. Physics and studies into energy usage are applied to renewable energies. And these various disciplines would not be able to tackle such subjects without the help of fundamental research in mathematics, physics and genomics – as well as human and social sciences and law.

This is the background against which the UPVD has defined its 5 strategic areas of research:
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Date of update September 18, 2020