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The 2019 Science Festival at the UPVD

Every year without fail for the past 28 years, some 1500 members of the general public and more than 1700 pupils from primary to secondary schools all over France come and learn about science in a fun way at the University of Perpignan's Science Village.

Around thirty workshops, exhibitions, conferences, etc. are put on by nearly 120 volunteers – mainly from the University of Perpignan's research laboratories.

Film debates at the cinema

Film debates with UPVD lecturers-researchers on current issues in partnership with the Méga Castillet and Castillet cinemas at Perpignan.

Exhibition of research photos

The general public exhibition of science photos in the heart of Perpignan: photos of our laboratories are exhibited every year as part of the OFF Festival.

The exhibition held at the same time as the VISA pour l'Image International Festival of Photojournalism

Activities for schoolchildren

  • Events organised in primary and secondary schools.
  • Help with supervised personal work for pupils in their penultimate year of school and with supervised personal initiative work for students in preparatory classes for engineering schools.
  • Practical work and conferences as part of the science option for pupils in earlier secondary school classes.
  • Laboratory visits included in an educational programme from primary to secondary schools.
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Date of update December 11, 2019