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Renewable Energies, Associated Processes and Materials


  • DRyRSP: Dry cooling and water producing system for Rankine based thermodynamic solar power plants.
  • ASTORIX: high-temperature micro-textured oxidation resistant solar absorbers.
  • HD-Plasm-A-SINOCH: High Density CVD/PVD Plasmas for SiNOCH thin PACVD and PVD coatings (study of the interactions between plasmas and surfaces in order to understand how layers and their film / substrate interfaces develop: optical and electrical properties).
  • DROID: distributed fibre-optic dosimeter.
  • DENOPI: accidental dewatering of spent nuclear fuel storage pool.
  • PREPA: atmospheric pressure plasmas and photovoltaic application.
  • SESCO: Sensible heat thermal energy storage at high temperature using recycled refractory ceramics made of vitrified Abestos containing wastes.
  • OPTISOL : high-temperature volumetric solar absorbers with controlled optical properties.
  • CO2FUEL: redox cycle-driven reuse of CO2.
  • ENERCO-LT: recovering energy from low-temperature heat sources.
  • SACRE: compressed air storage for the electricity grid.
  • DBDBD: development of functional, nanostructured coatings on wood surfaces using cold atmospheric pressure plasmas.
  • IN-STORES: integration of a thermochemical storage process in a Rankine cycle, driven by concentrated solar energy.

How living organisms function and ecology


  • PLANT RNPBODIES: formation, biochemical composition and function of stress-induced cytoplasmic RNP aggregates in Arabidopsis.
  • PAGE: evolution of plant and animal genomes.
  • Epi-RNase: function of RNaseIII-like proteins in plants. Implication in the epigenome.
  • CYNTHIOL: cytosolic NADP-thiol systems in oxidative signalling in plants
  • NERDPATH: functional analysis of a new siRNA-dependent transcriptional gene silencing pathway that targets rapidly evolving genomic regions of the plant genome.
  • HEAT-ADAPT: post-transcriptional regulation of the heat stress response in plants.


  • INVIMORY: INVertebrate IMmune memORY: specificity and mechanisms of immune memory in the Lophotrochozoan snail Biomphalaria glabrata.
  • MATER-IMMUNITY: Maternal transfer of immunity in insects: functional characterisation and evolution
  • VIBRIOGEN: Vibrios infecting marine invertebrates: new insights into vibrio virulence and adaptive gene reservoirs for adapting to their ecological niche
  • DECIPHER: Deciphering multifactorial diseases: insight into oyster mortalities
  • ADACNIAdaptive processes in cnidarians : integrative study of the response to thermal stress and climate change, from genes to populations
  • GIMEPEC Génotoxicité, IMmunotoxicité et rEprotoxicité des PEsticides chez Crassostrea gigas


  • TRICETOX: environmental impact of synthetic and natural ß-triketone herbicides: detection, microbial adaptation, biodegradation and toxicity.
  • LIVE AND LET DIE: global and regional environmental changes and effects on coral reef biodiversity and resilience.
  • STAY OR GO: Should I stay or should I go? Phenotypic and environmental determinants of larval dispersal.
  • POLYPERL: integrated management and adaptation of the pearl farming industry in French Polynesia within the context of global change: environmental, economic and social approach.

Dynamics of the environment and of anthroposystems


  •  MATUGLI: using gliders to measure coastal turbidity..


  •  TRICETOX: environmental impact of synthetic and natural ß-triketone herbicides: detection, microbial adaptation, biodegradation and toxicity.


  • BIOHOPSYS: Biodiversity and dynamics interactions in multiple host-parasite systems.

Theory, complex systems, modelling


  • DEFIS: Design of fixed point systems.
  • CAFEIN: Combining analyses for the study of numerical invariants.
  • PAVOIS: Arithmetic protections against physical attacks for elliptic curve based crytography.
  • METALIBM: code generators for mathematical functions and filters.

Mediterranean: regions, cultures, societies, heritages, markets


  • TERRE-WATER: Dynamics of the territories and the ecosystems and representations of the evolutions due to the global changes.


  • ORFEO: Tools and resources for the written and spoken French 


  • PREMACHEUSEPT : Birth of  the Acheulean in Noth-West Europe: a multidisciplinary study


  • GEODD: Management of the business, Organisations, Sustainable Development
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Date of update January 25, 2019