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Renewable Energies, Associated Processes and Materials


  • SFERA : Solar Facilities for the European Research Aera.
  • CSP2 : Concentrated Solar Power in Particles.
  • OPTS : Optimization of a thermal energy Storage system with integrated steam generator.
  • EU-SOLARIS : European Solar Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar Power.
  • EUROSUNMED :  Euro-mediterranean cooperation on research and training in sun based renewable energies.
  • STAGE-STE : Scientific and technological alliance for guaranteeing the Eurpean excellence in concentrating solar thermal energy.
  • RAPID : Reactive atmospheric plasma processing, education network
  • INPATH-TES : Innovation Pathways for TES

How living organisms function and ecology


  • COCONET (EU FP7, partenaire, PI : Ferdinando Boero) : Towards coast to coast networks of marine protected areas coupled with sea-based wind energy potential.
  • CORAIL (EU BEST partenaire, PI : Tamatoa Bambridge) : Ecosystemic services from coral reefs (Public policy tools for decision-making in New Caledonia and French Polynesia.
  • BUFFER (ERA-Net, ANR, coordinateur) : Partially protected aeras as buffers to increase the linked social-ecological resilience.

Dynamics of the environment and of anthroposystems


  • BIOFOS : Micro ring resonator based biophotonic system for food analysis.
  • ELENA : Encapsulation et libération contrôlée d'antioxydants pour un usage agro-alimentaire.


  • SUBLIMO LIFE+  : Analyser, suivre et restaurer la biodiversité marine.
  • PERSEUS : Protecting european seas and borders through the intelligent use of surveillance


  • MEDSEA : Mediterranean sea acidification in a changing climate.

Theory, complex systems, modelling


  • DMH : Non linear dynamic hysteresis of nanomagnetic particles with application to data storage and medical hyperthemia.
  • CONTACT : Non linear inclusions, hemivariational inequalities with applications to contact mechanics.
  • PHC POLONIUM 2014-2015 : Analyse mathématique et numérique de problèmes de contact avec frottement


  • MONTBLANC : Eurpean approach towards energy efficient high performance

Mediterranean: regions, cultures, societies, heritages, markets




  • FADNTOOL : Integrating econometric and mathematical programming models into an amendable policy and market analysis tool using FADN database.
  • PAT TEIN : Transfrontier euro-institut network


  • PREHSEA : Managing prehistoric heritage in southeast asia
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Date of update January 25, 2019