Economic promotion

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The UPVD supports researchers in their attempts to enter into partnerships with the socio-economic world, promoting their research through its Research and Promotion Department. The UPVD aspires to drive economic development and dynamism across the region.
The purpose of the Research and Promotion Department is to help the parties involved enter into Research contracts. The Research and Promotion department is a one-stop service for all Research associated with a contract or an agreement. Any researcher with a contract proposal should therefore contact this department exclusively before doing taking any other action. It will provide them with the advice they need for entering into negotiations.

The Research and Promotion department is part of the national C.U.R.I.E. network that groups together all bodies in France involved in academic promotion.
The UPVD is a shareholder in AxLR, a technology transfer acceleration company. 

 Its missions

  • Facilitate joint projects with the socio-economic world
  • Support the creation and monitoring of joint projects (FUI, Horizon 2020, ANR, etc.)
  • Establish relations among university and industrial partners
  • Support the creation of innovative companies
  • Manage intellectual property

Key information

  • €2 million of research contracts per year
  • 40 new joint research projects per year
  • support provided for several new companies each year

Proposed business incubation centre at the UPVD

alongside its partners: LRI (Languedoc Roussillon Incubation), the European business and innovation Centre Plein Sud entreprises, the technology transfer acceleration company, AxLR etc.

Business creation

the European business and innovation Centre Plein Sud entreprises

The UPVD has a fruitful partnership with the European Business and Innovation Centre Plein Sud entreprises based in Rivesaltes, right in the heart of the Entreprises Méditerranée business park.
Visit its website for more information

Languedoc Roussillon Incubation

The LRI is a regional incubator that has received recognition from France’s Ministry for Research. Its brief is to promote the creation of innovative new companies based on research carried out in centres of higher education and by public research bodies into high-growth potential technologies.

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Date of update January 25, 2019