ART-DEV: Actors, Ressources and territories in development


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Focusing primarily on human and social sciences, the ART-Dev unit has more than a hundred members – around fifty academics and researchers and fifty PhD students. The unit has adopted a multidisciplinary approach to its research, since it is mainly made up of geographers and economists, as well as sociologists and political scientists.

The ART-Dev conducts research into the ways in which regions can become reconfigured from an economic, political and social standpoint. It interrelates the dynamics of globalisation and local dynamics in order to do this. More specifically, it focuses its analyses of the ways in which regions become reconfigured on the construction and mobilisation by the diversity of bodies involved of a set of resources in both a tangible and intangible way.


Research areas

  • Rural reconstructions and public policies
  • Resources and natural hazards
  • Interfaces - Anchorings and traffic in a globalised world


  • Partnerships with universities in Pretoria, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Costa Rica and Ouagadougou.
  • Conventions with the World Bank
  • EMCCA (Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa)
  • Regional community of Mayotte
  • Rising Powers and Global Standards

Additional information

 ANR programmes
  • Young researchers USART - Transmision des usages et des représentations du territoire en Amazonie
  • TERRE-EAU - Dynamiques des territoires et des écosystèmes et représentations des évolutions induites par les changements globaux(2013-2016)
International and european programmes
  • Programme bilatéral France-Hongrie CNRS/MTA-RKK - 2014-2015 : Développement économique local et capital territorial en France et en Hongrie : une approche institutionnaliste
  • Programme CAPES-COFECUB France-Brésil - 2013-2016 : Territoires, pauvreté et politiques publiques : une approche par la territorialisation
  • PICS CNRS - 2013-2015 : Bassins transfrontaliers au carrefour de la coopération et des conflits en Mésoamérique
  • PAVAF : Programme d’alimentation des villes par l’agriculture familiale dans la province de l’Oudalan de la région Sahel du Burkina Faso
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Date of update June 19, 2015