Development Aid Research Federation

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Development Aid Research Federation (FAiD) - FED 4264

The UPVD is a multidisciplinary university whose research naturally covers a wide range of areas. This research is applied at international level within the framework of numerous partnerships which often involve development aid.

The work carried out is in a number of extremely varied scientific areas, including regional development, energy and water, food safety, health, teaching and training.
Development aid is also a specialist field in itself. The UPVD is supported by the ART-DEV laboratory and the ENTROPIE Institute of Research for Development team. This team is hosted on site in Perpignan to support this approach, together with the initiatives to be implemented.

The UPVD and the Institute of Research for Development have created a Development Aid Federation – the Fédération d’Aide pour le Développement - IRD. This cross-functional body has been deliberately set up as a borderless and seamless entity and is run dynamically by a number of multidisciplinary project teams. It is supported by the Academy of Sciences through Michel Delseny – a member of the Academy and emeritus director of CNRS research at the Plant Genome and Development Laboratory (LGDP).
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Date of update June 23, 2015