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Olivier Panaud, member of the Institut Universitaire de France

Olivier Panaud, UPVD Professor in the Plant Genome and Development Laboratory (LGDP) became, in May 2015, a member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) for his research works about the plants genome evolution, in particular " The biodiversity of the ecosystems of the Pyrénées-Orientales : a precious resource for the study of evolution. " More informations

Nicolas Marty, 2014 recipient of the Academy of medicine award

The National Academy of Medicine unveiled the prizes for 2014 to the public on 16 December. Professor Nicolas Marty of the CRESEM was awarded a prize in the General category for his work on the history of regulation on bottled water markets.


Françoise Massines, CNRS 2014 silver medal

Françoise Massines is Director of CNRS Research. She carries out her research within the PROMES laboratory.
The CNRS’s Silver medal is awarded to researchers who are well-known both within France and at international level in recognition of the originality, quality and importance of their work.
She was awarded the medal for her pioneering work in atmospheric pressure plasma technology which has given rise to a proliferation of French-led research projects in this area.

Claude Combes, member of the Academy of Sciences

Claude COMBES is professor emeritus at the UPVD, and conducts his research under the auspices of the IHPE laboratory.
He was elected representative of the Academy of Sciences in 1996, before being elected member on 30 November 2004.
As a biologist and parasitologist, his research has been focused on the transmission, ecology and evolution of parasites and on the selective pressures that they exert on host-parasite systems. In particular, he has worked on human schistosomes which affect tropical zones and which are responsible for the planet's second endemic disease.
He has been awarded a number of science prizes: the CNRS’s silver medal (1986), the Skryabin medal (USSR Academy of Sciences, 1991), the Philip Morris science prize (1990).
He has written several books: Interactions durables, Ecologie et évolution du parasitisme, Le parasitisme: un équilibre dynamique, Les associations du vivant, La Vie, Darwin dessine-moi les hommes, etc.

Michel Delseny, Member of the Academy of Sciences

Michel Delseny is emeritus director of research at the CNRS. He conducts research under the auspices of the LGDP. He has been a Representative of the Academy in the integrative biology department since 1996, and was elected Member of the Academy of Sciences on 10 December 2013. He specialises in embryogenesis in seeds and genome analysis from model plants to cultivated plants; he is interested in plant biotechnology development. He was initially concerned with the study of gene expression in higher plants, mainly during seed development and germination, as well as during response to stress. He then contributed to the rapid growth in research into plant genomics and became interested in how plant genomes are structured and evolve.
He has been awarded a number of science prizes: the CNRS bronze medal (1978), Academia Europea (1989), Academy of Sciences' Representative (1996), Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (2003), Overseas Member of the Institute for Catalan studies (Barcelona, 2007), Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Foundation Prize (2007), shared with Caroline Yue-Ie Hsing, Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite and Chevalier des Palmes Académiques.
Michel Delseny has published nearly 200 articles in international peer-reviewed journals. He has co-edited Plant Science since 2003.

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Date of update June 24, 2015