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A university with an international outlook

The University of Perpignan Via Domitia is a multidisciplinary university with a strong international outlook. It is now establishing its position in the European Higher Education and Research Area and its international dimension.

23% of UPVD’s student population is represented by foreign students (including ¼ from countries around the Mediterranean), representing more than a hundred nationalities.

The UPVD has developed more than 70 international cooperation agreements with some 30 countries and 160 Erasmus+ agreements.

The UPVD presents 9% of its theses in partnership with other universities and organisations and offers 3 double diplomas and 1 Erasmus Mundus-labelled course.

The UPVD supports a voluntary policy of mobility and hosting which enhances the internationalisation of its training courses and the development of research activities with strong participation in European Programmes, Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence.

Every year, the UPVD welcomes students, researchers, trainers and administrative officers for study, teaching, training or research visits, with its own, regional or international funding.

It offers all of its students and staff the opportunity to participate in major European and international programmes (UPVD projects).

The UPVD is also developing specific European and international actions and the establishment of inter-university agreements. These actions lead to the creation of "training-research" partnerships that facilitate student exchanges, increase doctoral mobility and lead to training of excellence.

The UPVD, holder of the Erasmus+ Charter 

The University of Perpignan Via Domitia holds the Erasmus+ Charter which allows it to participate in various actions financed by this new European programme from 2021-2027.
The UPVD is strongly committed to the Erasmus+ programme, participating in several projects under key actions 1 and 2. This earned the UPVD the distinction of the "Good Practices" label awarded by the European Commission which validated the quality of implementation of the programme over the 2014-2020 period.
You can consult the funded projects on the Erasmus + Projects Results platform:

Key Figures

  • 9500 registered students
  • 23% international students representing 120 nationalities
  • 1/4 of European students, including 15% on Erasmus+ exchange programmes
  • 1 University Centre for French Studies (CUEF)
  • +70 international cooperation agreements
  • 160 Erasmus + European bilateral agreements
  • 2 Double diplomas and 1 Erasmus Mundus labelled course
  • 2 multinational diplomas in renewable energy
  • 9% of theses in partnership with other universities and organisations
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Date of update August 23, 2021