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Due to the measures taken against Covid 19 all sales are suspended until further notice.
Keep your tickets and as soon as the University reopens you will be able to exchange them in the shop. Thank you

The Pass'Culture can be found at the UPVD's official shop.

The Pass is accessible to all students enrolled in postgraduate training in courses who are eligible for CROUS grants (private school courses are excluded). We welcome students from all backgrounds!

The Pass' de Perpignan has no age limit - we welcome everyone!

You will be able to book your tickets online on the new Pass'Culture sales website. The purchase of tickets remains strictly reserved for Pass'Culture holders. You can buy the Pass'Culture when you come to collect your tickets.

Book online

Rates :
  • Cinemas :
    • Castillet/Jean Vigo : 3 €
    • Clap Ciné Canet/CGR : 3.50 €
    • MegaCastillet : 5.50 €
You can buy 5 tickets per cinema per month.

  • Shows and concerts from 5€ and up
  • USAP : 5 €
  • 50% for Les Deferlantes 
  • Free visits to heritage sites and museums
  • Annual subscription: 10 € and 5 € for CROUS scholarship holders

The shows

Live shows (concerts, theatre, dance, circus, puppets, etc... ) are produced by the Archipelago, the Médiator, Jazzèbre, and the Deferlantes. Unfortunately, we do not have the complete programs for each of our partners, however you will find the list of shows for sale on our online sales website:

 and the Archipel theatre

The cinemas

Here are the links for all of the theatres where you will find all of the programs and relevant information.

Le Castillet

MegaCGR Rivesaltes

Mega Castillet

Cinémathèque Eurorégionale Institut Jean Vigo

Clap ciné Canet
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Date of update May 7, 2020