Cultural workshops

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Different activities are available on campus

The workshops are free and open to university students and staff.


Planning of the activities

The workshops

Oral expression workshops


These are "active" workshops based on the practical implementation of a theatrical activity.
The workshops will provide an opportunity to perform but also to focus on the technical aspects of theatre.
Public speaking is an activity based on oral expression/public speaking (meetings, conferences, interviews, exams...). Two participants reached the final stages of the Eloquence Contest, one of whom won the semi-final of the "Grand Sud" competition.

Improvisation workshop
This playful workshop offers you the opportunity to take part in an improvisation game based on the rules of rugby. The field will be the stage and the players the actors. The referee, keeper of the rules will give themes and the players will improvise. The public will award points and decide the winners. Stories are often funny, sometimes unexpected or even totally crazy. The players wear only the jersey of their team.
Gospel music
Travel in the world of gospel music, traditional and contemporary. Every year the university gospel choir recruits beginners and experienced singers..
The Singing workshop is under the direction of two professional singers. It is intended for beginners or for people with singing experience. Each week 1 class/workshop is held and will cover a very wide repertoire and will allow you to learn all of the singing techniques.

Visual expression workshops

Visual expression workshops
Activities around the techniques of framing, shooting, photo editing with editing software ... intended for novice-level students and those curious about the different applications on their mobile phones and cameras. Open to all levels.

Manual and creative workshops

Writing workshop
The aim of this workshop is to allow for the development of a personal universe and to interact with other authors. "Come and invent your life with us! »
Creative workshop
Discover the potential of cardboard and make your furniture out of it. Material provided. Learning exotic sculptures, Andalusian and Byzantine bas-reliefs and moulding techniques.

Japanese culture
Come and discover activities related to Japanese culture: tea ceremony, calligraphy, origami and traditional songs. This workshop is led by Franco-Japanese specialists.
Awaken your imagination and develop observation. Each person launches into his or her creation on a freely chosen or proposed theme. In the open air or in a room on campus, this workshop is intended for beginners or confirmed, and also offers individualized guidance.
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Date of update May 27, 2020