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Prepared in a Doctoral School, the doctorate is a training to and through research. The doctoral student's research work is carried out under the responsibility of a Thesis Director within a Research Unit. The preparation of the doctorate is carried out in accordance with the Order of 25 May 2016. To register for a doctorate, the candidate must hold a master's degree or a title deemed equivalent.

Registration for the Doctorate is authorized by the President of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia on the proposal of the Director of the Doctoral School 305 after advice from the Thesis Director and the Director of the Research Unit.


Academic year 2019 / 2020

  • Dates of pedagogical registrations with the Doctoral School 305: 26 August 2019 to 13 December 2019.
For doctoral students recruited within the framework of the 2019 "Doctoral Contracts" competition of Doctoral School ED 305, the pedagogical registrations must be finalized before October 1, 2019.
  • Dates of administrative registrations for the doctorate at the UPVD Central Building A: from September 9, 2019 to December 18, 2019..

Enrolment in the 1st year of the Doctorate requires several steps:

STEP 1: Preliminary steps


Any student with a Master's degree (or equivalent) wishing to register for a doctorate must first identify a potential thesis director within a Research Unit of the 305 Doctoral School, in order to obtain his or her agreement to supervise him or her throughout his or her thesis study.
The student will have to contact directly the identified Research Unit, in order to submit to the laboratory his motivated project of further study in thesis.

Research units within the Doctoral School 305 "Energy and Environment"

In accordance with the rules established by the ED305 Council, after a supervision agreement between the thesis director and the doctoral student, the latter will have to be auditioned before the ED305 Council, before proceeding to his pedagogical and administrative registration. To do so, the Thesis Director will have to send the following documents to the doctoral school 305:

  • Description of the thesis subject
  • Type of financing
  • Grades and Master's degree
  • Candidate's CV
  • Convention in the case of cotutelle

Following this audition, the candidate will be informed of the Council's opinion on whether or not to proceed with his or her pedagogical registration as a doctoral student at the Doctoral School 305 of the University of Perpignan.


Step 2: Pedagocgical registration

After the ED Council has given a favourable opinion on registration, the doctoral student may proceed with pre-registration via the ADUM platform ( see Focus Adum)

When registering for the first time on the ADUM platform, the doctoral student will have to fill in all the required fields and "finalize the procedure" in order to access the administrative documents necessary for registration, available on his/her personal space.

All the documents for the pedagogical registration should be returned to the manager of the Doctoral School 305 (

Documents available on the ADUM personal space of the doctoral student.

Following the submission of the pedagogical registration file to the manager of the Doctoral School 305, this file must be stamped and signed by the Director of the Doctoral School 305 (Pr. Nicolas INGUIMBERT), allowing the delivery of a written authorisation for administrative registration, which the doctoral student must submit to the services of the Ecole Centrale, at the time of his administrative registration.

Step 3: Administrative Registration

After the pedagogical registration at the Doctoral School, certified by the delivery of the administrative registration authorization, the doctoral student will have to proceed to his administrative registration at the services of the Central School of the University of Perpignan:

Scolarité Centrale - Building A

The administrative registration file as well as the procedure to follow are available on the ADUM personal space of the doctoral student.
( Adum/Personnel Area/Administrative Documents/ Explanatory note for registration (pdf) and Administrative registration file ).

You can also proceed with your administrative registration directly on the web (re-registration application) and pay your registration fees directly online via the web application.

Do you need?

  • your student number that appears on your student card
  • valid credit card

After entering the administrative file to pay the registration fees, you can :
  • either pay online
  • or go to the Scolarité Centrale, building A
  • or send a cheque payable to the accountant of the UPVD
  • or make a bank transfer to the account of the UPVD (a RIB can be sent to you by e-mail by your manager).


Thesis registration must be renewed each year at the beginning of the academic year.

Documents to provide to the manager of the Doctoral School ED 305 ( :

-          Pedagogical registration file

-         The report of the Monitoring Committee (CSI+CR)

Documents available on ADUM.

Any re-registration will not be taken into account without the report of the Individual Monitoring Committee. This report can be directly deposited by the Chairman of the Monitoring Committee, or failing that by the supervisor, directly on their ADUM space.

Individual Monitoring Committee

The Individual Monitoring Committee (CSI, Comité de Suivi Individuel in French) is an advisory body whose role is to take stock of the progress of the thesis work, to identify possible difficulties (and to propose solutions to remedy them), and to verify that the thesis can be defended under conditions that comply with the rules in force within a period of 3 years.

The Individual Monitoring Committee meets every year.

A first Individual Monitoring Committee must be scheduled between 8 to 12 months after the start of the thesis and in such a way that it takes place before re-enrolment in the second year. The second Individual Monitoring Committee will take place between 19 and 24 months and before enrolment in the third year.

The third Individual Monitoring Committee will take place 6 months before the thesis defence. It will ensure that a thesis writing schedule has been established and that a publication is being written, but also that the doctoral student has validated the 100 hours of training.

Le CSI is composed of 3 people namely: 

  •  One president, external at the Doctoral School and the insitution ((external to both EDs and to both institutions in case of cotutelle), holder of the HDR. The minutes of the Individual Monitoring Committee will be drawn up under his responsibility and sent to the Doctoral School by him.
  • A scientist from outside the Doctoral School and the institution, holder of the HDR (from outside the two Doctoral Schools and the two institutions in the case of joint supervision).
  • A scientist who is a member of the Doctoral School, holder of an HDR (or a short-term programme) and, if possible, from a Research Unit other than that of the doctoral student.

The president of the Individual Monitoring Committee may invite the thesis director as well as experts from outside the Doctoral School and the institution (both Doctoral Schools and both institutions in case of co-supervision) who are not involved in the thesis direction.

The Individual Monitoring Committee must be constituted from the first year of the thesis and meet once a year. No re-enrolment (full) will be allowed without the favourable opinion of the Individual Monitoring Committee.

The report (downloadable form on the ADUM personal space of the doctoral student) of the Individual Monitoring Committee meeting will be written under the responsibility of the president of the Individual Monitoring Committee. It will be sent to the secretariat of the Doctoral School, signed by the members of the Individual Monitoring Committee and the doctoral student.

The president of the Individual Monitoring Committee has the possibility to add a confidential comment to the minutes before transmission to the Doctoral School.

Report CSI
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Date of update June 9, 2020