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Electric and hybrid vehicles on the Windmill Campus

Transport is responsible for 35% of CO2 emissions worldwide (ADEME figures). Concerned about the environment, the University of Perpignan has decided to gradually switch to electric and hybrid vehicles on all its campuses

Thus, three electric vehicles and a hybrid car have already replaced four of the current internal combustion vehicles. For their recharging, a 22 kW dual terminal (for two vehicles) and a 7 kW dual terminal will be installed at the entrance to the campus. In addition, two other 7 kW double charging stations will allow UPVD staff and visitors with electric or hybrid vehicles to recharge them on campus. It should be noted that recharging can be done using a professional or student card.

At present, almost half of the journeys made by service cars are made in Occitania and can therefore be made with an all-electric vehicle that does not require recharging during the journey. In addition, the service provider chosen for the kiosks offers a smartphone application to locate all the kiosks throughout the national network. More distant journeys will thus be made possible with an electric vehicle. It is also planned to install charging stations on the various UPVD antennas, so that electric vehicles can be recharged on all the campuses.

1.2 tons of CO2 and 1,570 euros: This is the savings, both financial and environmental, made by the UPVD for two electric vehicles for one year.

  • Tutorials for the use of UPVD electric vehicles

Electrical scooters

The University of Perpignan is going to put at the disposal of the students of the Mailly campus 10 electric scooters in order to facilitate their movements between the city centre and the Moulin à Vent.

Bikes for everyone

The Casa Bicicleta association and the Dreceres Qualité association propose to adopt an eco-citizen approach by favouring gentle and alternative forms of transport to the car. They organize a bicycle exchange at the Windmill campus. They sell bikes at low prices (50 euros) which they have refurbished from donated bikes.
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Date of update June 16, 2020