CRESEM: Centre for research into societies and environments in the Mediterranean and beyond

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The purpose of the CRESEM is to structure and promote disciplinary and multidisciplinary research across the whole spectrum of human and social sciences, as well as legal and economic sciences. It sets up programmes which research the relationships between society and environment. It is organised into 5 areas of multidisciplinary research and is made up of 9 disciplinary teams: CAEPEM, CFDCM, CHRISM, CRILAUP, ELADD, ICRESS, MDVM.

The CRESEM is a partner of the ARCHIMEDE labex.


Research areas

  • Norms
  • Poétique et perception
  • Langages et identités
  • Ressources et territoires
  • Heritages


  • The Conseil Départemental des Pyrénées Orientales and the autonomous government of Catalonia within the framework INTERREG projects.
  • Occitanie region, Heritage Inventory Service (Industrial heritage, architectural heritage)
  • Universities of Barcelona, for example: the "La xarxa urbana catalana i les relacions transpirinenques en els segles XVII i XVIII” (The Catalan xarxa urbana collective and trans-Pyrenean relations in the 17th and 18th centuries) research programme, supervised by Jaume Dantí (University of Barcelona) (HAR2012-32655 programme of the Spanish Ministry for the Economy and Competitiveness.
  • Senghor University of the French-speaking world, Alexandria (Egypt).
  • "The literary phenomenon in the first centuries of our era" – European network (Lausanne, Lille 3, Lisbonne, Louvain-la-Neuve, Paris IV, Toulouse 2, Trieste, Wroclaw, Perpignan).
  • Involvement in the Scientific Interest Group with the IKER (5478 joint research unit, coordinator), the CRBC RENNES (EA 4451) and the Public Office for the Breton Language (Rennes).

Additional information

Research programmes
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Date of update November 21, 2019