CORHIS: Communication, Human ressources and social intervention


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The emergence of a new paradigm for action and research through clinical social science trends and intervention (psychology, sociology, social and solidarity economics, management, information and communication), the distribution of new management models in the social intervention sector and the growing role of information and communications schemes in organisations all suggest that the various disciplinary approaches will convene, shaping the future of this unit. Organisations, Schemes, Institutions and Networks make up the common framework for analysis of the three areas of research on which this unit focuses. The obvious epistemological connectedness of these approaches is further bolstered by the fact that many of the professors involved are well-established in the social welfare sector, as well as in human resources and communications.



  • Cross-border cooperative research (France-Catalonia): Fundació Campus Arnau d'Escala
  • University of Gerona, PREFIS
  • International Institute of Social Audit
  • International Applied Research Studies of Innovations in Communication (IARSIC)

Additional information

European programme : ETFERSASO2
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Date of update November 21, 2019