LEPSA: Performance Health and Altitude European Laboratory

EA UPVD 4604

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The LEPSA’s location at the Font-Romeu site is a major asset given the areas of research in which this team is involved. The site is at high altitude, is located right next to France's National Altitude Training Centre and is frequented by numerous athletes all of which give it an enormous potential for scientific research into Physical Exercise and Sports Science and Technology. The LEPSA’s brief is to investigate and analyse physiological and environmental factors involved in optimising performance, together with their consequences on people's physical and mental health.


Research areas

  • Environmental and/or pathological hypoxemia : pathophysiology mechanims of action and consequences on human motion
  • Psychosociology
  • Epidemiology


  • Paris 13
  • Evry
  • University of Gerona (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Ecole Nationale du Ski et de l’Alpinisme (Chamonix)
  • Fédération de la montagne catalane (FEEC)
  • Chair in Alpine medicine and the natural environment and clinical simulations (University of Gerona)
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Date of update November 27, 2019